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  • Earthmoving Equipment

  • If there’s one thing that most construction companies won’t be able to live without; it’s their earthmoving vehicles.

    These advanced pieces of machinery are as powerful as they are effective, but due to their sheer size and versatility; they often carry a pretty hefty price tag.

    Fortunately, there’s always the option to apply to a lender or bank in order to obtain a loan to cover the costs – and as you might imagine, this is why equipment financing is becoming one of the most popular solutions for business owners.

    What we can do

    Our team at Tundra Finance have been working within the loan and investment industries for years – and in that time we’ve developed a host of trusted relationships with financial institutes.

    What this means is that not only do we have a direct channel when applying for loans on behalf of our clients; we can often negotiate the best terms, as well as being able to source exclusive deals and special offers that would otherwise be unavailable.

    Whether your business could benefit from an additional tractor with optional fittings, or a vehicle for transporting soil and old foundations; the lenders that we work with won’t mind what you spend their money on – in fact all that they will care about is that you can repay what you borrow.

    And that’s another feature that we can help with.

    If you’re keen to pay off what you owe as quickly as possible, or if you’d prefer to prolong your payments and minimise your monthly costs for as long as possible – we can help you with those terms, too.

    From finding the best options for unsecured loans all the way to sourcing the lowest APR and interest rates; our team of experts are happy to help. So, why not get in touch with us today to learn more, or to hire our world-class services?