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  • Equipment Finance Calculator

  • Are you in need of equipment finance? Maybe you’re not sure how much you could afford to borrow and need a little guidance? If that sounds like you, then you’re definitely on the right page. At Tundra Mortgage Brokers, we strive to help our clients in every imaginable way – and that’s where our equipment finance calculator comes in handy.

    How to use our calculator

    Our finance calculator can be used to work out what you can afford to borrow, or what you should expect to repay. The input fields are self-explanatory, enter your information and then click the submit button to have your result calculated for you.

    This result will take into account all of the data that you submitted, including how much you’d like to borrow, the amount that you’d like to provide for your deposit (if applicable), the current rate of interest and your repayment period. The number that you’re given will be what you could expect to repay at each deadline.

    There’s no more effective way to prepare for an application than by getting to grips with your borrowing potential and that is exactly what our calculator has been designed for. Once you know how much you could expect to pay back, our team can help to connect you with a competitive deal to cover the cost of your equipment and ease up your financial situation.

    Note: Calculators are illustrative only and are calculate based on the accuracy of the information entered by the client. They are not an offer or acceptance of loan eligibility


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